What Are You Doing in 2020?

TEDxBroadway speakers cover a lot of territory. How to make Broadway better, of course, but also how to make our communities better, and even ourselves. Lose weight, get fit, drink less, save more — some of those we’ve discussed, but some are just a few of the resolutions we all seem to have at the start of a new year. And while accomplishing any one of these goals should make us happy — they might not actually be the key …

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People Want Experiences — Luckily, That’s What We’re Selling

We’ve written about it before, and the topic keeps popping up: Spending money on experiences makes us happier than buying stuff. Entrepreneur reporter John Rampton shares seven reasons why this is so, based on a 20-year study by Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University. Below, we highlight a few key reasons why we prefer to spend our money on experiences over stuff: “Experiences define your purpose and passions. Your daily activities should be guided and influenced by …

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Study Shows What Fun Is Worth to Your Fans

When you think about pricing a show, a lot of factors come in to play. The budget of the production and the various costs, how popular you think it’ll be and how high the demand will be for tickets, among other things. But have you ever considered the value of your show when it comes to creating emotions like happiness or calmness? Could you possibly put a dollar value on those experiences? Well, it turns out you can, in a …

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Bright Ideas

Boost Your Productivity and Mood With One Easy Step

With everything you do today, think about how you can mix it up a little. That’s advice from Inc. contributing editor John Brandon, who asks, “What if you added some extra flair to that email, including an extra hashtag no one has ever used before (because you just invented it), or showed up to the meeting carrying a few boxes of cupcakes?” Brandon explains that putting a twist on something doesn’t take much effort, and here’s what happens: “For starters, …

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