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“Nonprofit” Doesn’t Mean You Have to Be a Financial Wreck

I would simply like to call your attention to this very strong piece, titled “Is Your Nonprofit Theater Headed for its Final Curtain Call?” by Allan Vella of Atlanta’s Fox Theatre, that, despite the dire title, is not so much about an organization facing its “final curtain” as it is about some very practical, sound and concrete tips for running a nonprofit arts organization. But before I give way, I’d like to say, Allan, that I’m going to flatter myself …

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Every Arts Organization Should Have This Key Goal

This article evaluates the work of the National Center for Arts Research, which tries to “determine what constitutes success for an arts group.” I think that’s a worthwhile effort, though of course, and I’m sure the NCAR would agree, it’s really up to the organization to determine its own goals and then try to make them happen. I dislike the presumption, which comes out in the article, that arts organizations don’t have clear-cut goals and that businesses do. Businesses have …

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