Olympic Pretendinitis?

Anecdotally, in the early days of the Olympics, I’m seeing empty seats in Sochi as I watch, and others are pointing out the same. Somehow, the BBC is reporting a sales figure of 70% sold overall for the tickets at these games as of two weeks before the start. This compares to the 97% figure that they reported for past games in London and Vancouver at the same point. It’s a tough comparison, because London and Vancouver would have had …

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Word Stock

Word Stock Market: Bowl Game

The Word Stock Market is an occasional feature on, where I will tell you whether to buy, sell or hold a certain word based on whether that word has a strong future or has seen better days. For example, if you’d bought the word “hybrid” 10 years ago (when it meant a cross between a horse and a donkey, not an eco-friendly car), you’d be rich today. On the other hand, if you’d bought “digital camera,” you’d be broke. …

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