A Story of Good Ticketing and Bad Ticketing

“Does anybody onboard own a Guess bag with a big number 6 on it? If you do, please ring your call button.” A few minutes pass. “Ladies and gentlemen, if you are the owner of this Guess rollaboard bag with the number 6 on it, we really need you to push the call button over your seat.” Nothing. I’m looking around, wondering all of a sudden if this has anything to do with the guy who was taken off our …

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Spotlight On

Spotlight On … The Pan Am Experience

In one of Jim’s past posts, he wrote about Experience Design. “In other words, it’s not just the product (bed, food, show, whatever), but the entire experience around it that matters.” Vintage Pan Am 747 Dining & Tour Experience lets you step into a golden age Pan Am 747 for a nostalgia-filled dining experience. Upon check-in at the gate, you’ll be handed your ’70s-style boarding pass before being invited into the Clipper Club, where you can take in an exhibit …

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