Paul McCartney Blows Out Candelstick’s Lights

Last night, nearly 50,000 were expected to be at Candlestick Park for a Paul McCartney concert — the last public event at the 44-year-old stadium. Home field for the Giants and 49ers, the “Stick” was also the venue for the Beatles’ last live concert (1966), “The Catch” (1982) and a visit from Pope John Paul II (1987). AOL shares more of Candlestick’s greatest moments and news that in its place plans are in motion to build a 1.1 million-square-foot housing, …

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The Mega Rock Star Model Is Old, Let’s Find A New One

The Who ‘Going Mobile’ For the Last Time? Congratulations to The Who for 50 years, and even though their 1982 tour was known as their “Farewell Tour,” they’ve continued since then for 10 years longer than they’d been together at that point. Hey, I’m a fan of the band, and all, but classic rock of this kind has hung on too long to be healthy for the business. I won’t say this tour will be unsuccessful, because I don’t know, …

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