#WednesdayWisdom: Can You Smell the Excitement?

Looking for a little #WednesdayWisdom? We’re pulling out past stories that are still just as relevant today. Here’s a pearl from Jim: The Audience Has Five Senses. Why Not Use Them All? I love this: London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks show aimed at all five senses. When I was in first grade, the teacher brought in a little popcorn maker to explain the five senses to us: We could see the popcorn pop; we could hear the kernels explode; we could smell …

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What Does a Ticket Really Get You?

Most of the people who are reading this post sell tickets, and we even talk about the Ticket Business. But I’ve always believed that the ticket is the last thing we should be talking about, and the last thing buyers actually care about. Nobody, outside the odd collector, places value on the piece of paper you’re (sometimes) given to gain entry to a show. The ticket is not the thing. Surely, you say, the thing is the show you’re buying: …

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