Decoding the COVID-19 Stimulus Package, Part 2: Q&A With Sibi Thomas

Recently, Jim chatted with Sibi Thomas to learn more about the stimulus package and how nonprofits, small businesses and live entertainment organizations can use the programs to weather this crisis. You can watch the full chat here, or read on for an excerpt of their conversation (which we’ll post in two parts — click here for part 1). First, a bit about Sibi: He has over a decade of accounting, auditing, tax and consulting experience in the nonprofit industry. He …

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Bright Ideas

“Nonprofit” Doesn’t Mean You Have to Be a Financial Wreck

I would simply like to call your attention to this very strong piece, titled “Is Your Nonprofit Theater Headed for its Final Curtain Call?” by Allan Vella of Atlanta’s Fox Theatre, that, despite the dire title, is not so much about an organization facing its “final curtain” as it is about some very practical, sound and concrete tips for running a nonprofit arts organization. But before I give way, I’d like to say, Allan, that I’m going to flatter myself …

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Price Has Nothing to Do With Costs

When I talk about this, people look at me puzzled. A couple years ago, Michael Kaiser, smart guy and Big Chief of the Kennedy Center, wrote an article on Huffington Post that gives me a starting point for what I want you to understand about prices: “The central challenge facing arts managers is to fill the ever-widening gap between rapidly increasing expenses and earned income, primarily from ticket sales. This gap continues to grow each year since the number of seats …

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