We’re Here to Help You Raise Some Money

Starting this week, Goldstar is refocusing our efforts, tools and systems so we can raise donations from our audience for your organization.  As soon as tomorrow, we’ll be sending you information about exactly what you need to do to participate.  For now, the best way to think of this is we’re going to be marketing donations for your organization instead of marketing tickets to your shows. We’re going to use ALL our promotional channels to make a difference. We’re looking …

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In Case You Missed It

Each week we’ll share a collection of articles we think are well worth reading. And now, in case you missed them … • The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra successfully completed its $5 million emergency fundraising drive. Find out the breakdown of how they got it and their next steps for fiscal health. • The Canadian Museum of History, formerly the Museum of Civilization and Canada’s largest, most-visited museum, is launching a fundraising campaign, but it has set the bar very low …

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