The iBeacon: What It Is and What to Do About It

Let’s take a few minutes and talk about a technology that will be part of the live event experience very, very soon. It’s called iBeacon. Developed by Apple, this technology makes it possible to set up very small, very low-power transmitters in a venue (or anywhere) that can find and transmit information to iOS (Apple) phones. How might something like this work? I walk into Dodger Stadium with my iPhone 5s, and I have already downloaded a certain app (in …

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Interest in Outdoor Hockey Continues to Build

My read on adding KISS to the Dodger Stadium date of the Stadium Series is not that the NHL is trying to use KISS to sell more tickets. In fact, this game is selling out already. It’s the other way around: KISS, run by consummate self-promoter Gene Simmons, sees this as a platform to promote KISS and its various activities, including the launch of its arena football team, LA KISS. (I did mention the self-promotion thing, right?) The Winter Classic …

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Hockey: Better With Palm Trees and Snowy Mountains

Since 2008, the National Hockey League has held a hockey game outdoors on New Year’s Day. It’s been a big success because it’s such an unusual event. They play in baseball and football stadiums to very large crowds and very large TV audiences, even though the game is just an ordinary regular season game. People are excited at the chance to see hockey at Fenway Park or Wrigley Field. And this year, on January 25, the outdoor hockey experiment will …

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