Disney Considers Surge Pricing — Should You Too?

The Wall Street Journal and are reporting that Disney is considering charging different pricing for different days of the week and times of year that guests visit. The goal is to thin crowds on normally busy days. They’ve already done something similar with their price increase and new system for annual passes, but this move would take things a step further. And while some might grumble at the increased prices on certain days, Skift reporter Jason Clampet points out, …

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What Disney Understands About Experiences That Others Don’t

Recently we came across a news item about a new experience at Disneyland. Guests can book a Jungle Cruise Sunrise Safari Breakfast, which includes a private ride on the Jungle Cruise along with an early morning breakfast on the set of the ride. The price for this extravaganza: $300. Many articles covering this new experience, like this one from Los Angeles Eater which called it “ridiculous,” have mocked the whole idea. However, they also admit that the breakfast is selling …

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Customer Service

Disney’s Price Increase: A Customer Service Move?

Disneyland’s increase to its prices and its reduction of the availability of passes for locals got a lot of attention last week. While most of the attention was of the “greedy bastards!” variety, I was thinking about the move from my own, strange perspective. First, since I think quite a lot about pricing tickets to things, I looked at it from that perspective, and second, since I really despise the crowds at theme parks, I looked at it from that …

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