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Put the Audience in Charge

It makes total sense, right? If you're trying to reach a certain demographic, why not ask for their input? Catherine Love reports for The Guardian about two theaters in York and Manchester that are going beyond just asking audience members to fill out surveys. They're recruiting them to help with programming decisions. Love writes, "For the last year or so, the [York] Theatre Royal has not only been asking its audience what they think of their shows -- it has invited...

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The Week That Was in Live Entertainment (Week of May 3)

A lot goes on in our world each week — some news you may catch, and some may slip by your radar. Below are a few articles that caught our attention, and we didn’t want you to miss ’em! New Code of Conduct Crafted for the Performing Arts: At midnight on May 1, a new collective called We Have Voice released its Code of Conduct to Promote SAFE(R) Workplaces in the Performing Arts. According to NPR's Michelle Mercer, it's "an...

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Social Media

Are You Committing Social Sabotage?

We already know how important connecting with our patrons (and prospective patrons) on social media is. But, according to kissmetrics, you could be committing social sabotage. Author Neil Patel highlights five reasons why people might not be engaging with your social posts -- and how to fix it. We're featuring one of Patel's self-sabotaging social media sins below, and you can read them all here. "Social sabotage: Forgetting to make room for new (older) users All across the board, social media use...

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What Your Patrons Want — at Every Age

We're all looking to attract and engage patrons from 8 (or younger!) to 80 (and older!). But getting those people in our seats and through our doors can be challenging. MarketingProfs shared the infographic below from Handmadewritings that highlights what online content different age groups prefer. Take a look -- it just may spark some ideas for (re)designing your website and help you better reach the six living generations in the U.S. Read More: Clock Time vs. Calendar Time Funny...

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Selling Out With

Selling Out With Joseph Yoshitomi

Geffen Playhouse is one of the gems in the Los Angeles theater scene. Located practically on the UCLA campus, the not-for-profit theater opened its doors in 1995, and has since received more than 40 regional theater awards and hosted a string of award-winning actors and playwrights and acclaimed directors. Joseph Yoshitomi, Geffen Playhouse's director of marketing and communications, has been a big part of the theater's success over the past six years, with accomplishments that include the launch of the...

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You’d Pay More Than A Quarter to Watch This Video Game

People watching other people play video games on TV ... yes, that's happening, and it's called Twitch, an online network with, according to Yahoo, "55 million monthly users [who] viewed over 15 billion minutes of content on the service in July, making one of the world's biggest sources of Internet traffic." Amazon just bought Twitch for $970 million. The Yahoo article points out that Twitch fans are "an important demographic for advertisers" -- mostly male and between the ages...

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