A Story of Good Ticketing and Bad Ticketing

“Does anybody onboard own a Guess bag with a big number 6 on it? If you do, please ring your call button.” A few minutes pass. “Ladies and gentlemen, if you are the owner of this Guess rollaboard bag with the number 6 on it, we really need you to push the call button over your seat.” Nothing. I’m looking around, wondering all of a sudden if this has anything to do with the guy who was taken off our …

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Be the Jackie Chan of Live Entertainment

For those of you who don’t know Jackie Chan, he’s a very famous action hero and martial artist, best known in America for the Rush Hour movie series, but even more famous in Asia. Here’s a truly archetypal Jackie Chan moment. If you’re pressed for time, skip the first minute or so, and go straight to the fighting. As you watch it, take note: There’s no CGI here. Chan does all his own stunts. Of course, the acting could be …

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