Baseball Stadiums Prove Food Is Entertainment

Back in 2014, Jim declared that food is entertainment, and gave some advice for live entertainment organizations: “Like the immersive stuff we’ve been talking about, food events done to [a high] degree of care and customer experience raise the stakes once again on what people expect from a traditional, seated, watch-the-show or -game type of event. It would be a big mistake for you to put this kind of event in a different (and conveniently noncompetitive) category from your theater or sports team …

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Think Outside the Industry: How Craft Beer Is Winning the Marketing Game

Many craft breweries face ample competition and small marketing budgets (sound at all familiar?), but with a bit of ingenuity and a dedication to embracing their local communities, they’ve been able to thrive — and give some of the big breweries a run for their money.’s Abe Sauer recently looked at the marketing strategies of craft beer and how they compare to big-name beer’s efforts. A few interesting findings: “With a 402-foot bar and 40 taps, Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery Street Pub is …

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