Do Posters Still Matter? Maybe More Than Ever

Can posters still change the world?, asks Steven Heller in The Atlantic. His answer is yes. “Posters have a long history of engaging and informing people through a mixture of artistry, wit, and economy,” he writes. “It would be easy to assume that posters have lost some of their impact in a hyper-connected landscape. But in many ways, the rise of social media has given protest and advocacy posters a bigger audience than ever before, while platforms like Facebook are …

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Even Virtual Stuff Needs a “Cover”

In a way, a live event is a virtual good. There’s a bit of irony in that, too, because we associate “virtual” with our new, modern world, whereas live events are as ancient a “product” as humankind produces. It’s not hard to picture a particularly rakish Neanderthal smartass standing on a rock telling jokes as his two burly buddies stand at the opening to the cave collecting payment in the form of berries or a mammoth steak. A live event …

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