PODCAST: Bandsintown’s Fabrice Sergent Talks Bands + Fans

Bringing Bands and Fans Together With Fabrice Sergent The internet and social media have completely remade the way we create, produce, discover and consume art. And Fabrice Sergent wants to use these digital tools to unite artists and fans in a more profound way than ever before. He is succeeding. Fabrice is the Managing Director of Bandsintown, a digital media company powered by and built for music. He also found early success in his career helping to launch Lagardere, an …

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10 Ways to Get to Know Your Customers Better

Do you know what your customers love and loathe, fear or anticipate? This is just one of the questions Entrepreneur contributor Jayson Demers asks in his article listing 10 ways to know your target audience. We’ve highlighted four ways below, and then read about the rest here. “Challenge your assumptions. The first step is the most important, since it may even help you redefine your target audience. Don’t assume anything. Let’s say you’ve decided your target market is middle-aged women. Why? …

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