The True Meaning of Affordability

Are ‘pay what you can’ tickets a good approach to attracting new audiences? Which is a bigger problem: attracting new attendees or return attendees? Is offering a lower price the best way to get people to try something new? These are all questions raised in Tim Baker's article, "Is price a reason for low engagement - or just an excuse?" in Arts Professional. Baker's message: "Given that price is only one of the barriers to engagement, the time is surely right...

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Customer Service

Remember These Customer Service Tips

Customer service matters ... a lot. We've shared Pro Tips from our own team (see them below), and now we're sharing lessons from Jill Schiefelbein that she highlights for Entrepreneur after experiencing her own customer service failure. See one of her tips below: "Don't let your processes inconvenience your customer Photo Credit: rawpixel via Unsplash Look at your processes. How you take orders. How you answer calls. How you distribute products. Whatever your business model is, I encourage you to really examine...

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Can A Better Website Boost Attendance? Ask Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Don't underestimate the value of your website -- especially when it comes to optimizing it for mobile. Just ask the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, whose 2015-16 season broke box office records, in large part due to a new website with improved ticketing and a friendlier mobile experience. According to BizTimes, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra saw increases of 24 percent in web revenue and 38 percent in online ticket sales following the launch of its revamped site in January. Overall, they boosted...

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Why Do Mobile? Three Good Reasons

Next week, I’m going to be on a panel at the CTIA’s Super Mobility Week conference in Las Vegas. (I know … it’s tough duty.) The #SuperMobility panel is called the State of Mobile Entertainment. It's a broad topic, but it’s got me thinking about why, in general, anybody should invest in mobile technology to serve their customers. I have three big answers. One may be enough, but you may want to mix and match all of them. The first is functional...

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