More About The Future of Opera

“To save opera, we have to let it die,” writes Olivia Giovetti for The Washington Post. She continues: ” … selling opera to the next generation means selling opera to a more diverse and liberal demographic, which has more options than ever for entertainment. … we must no longer romanticize the bygone eras of opera’s so-called golden age so much that we fail to imagine the genre’s future.” In 2016, Jim commented on an article by Anne Midgette in the …

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Can Theater Speak to a Modern Audience Without Showing Screens?

Theater people think and talk a lot about being relevant to a contemporary audience, and that’s a good thing to think about. But when you consider the way young adults (and really everybody) use smartphones and computers now as key parts of how they interact with others, it leads me to a question: Can theater possibly speak to a modern audience without a good way to depict phone and computer-based interactions? Of course, there are workarounds, but they sound, look …

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