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Spotlight On … Coffee Con, Inc.

In his post, Food IS Entertainment, Jim wrote: Years ago, I declared that food had become entertainment, but at that point it was still pretty crude. The occasional appearance by a celebrity chef, or a class on how to roll sushi, that kind of thing. We’re way past that now, and if you’re in the business of either producing or selling live entertainment, you need to pay attention to this. This past Saturday, about 1,000 coffee lovers poured into Mack …

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Brainwaves Show What People REALLY Think of Prices

Is Your Coffee too Cheap? Using Brainwaves to Test Prices. This is an interesting read about a German scientist who is experimenting with the brainwaves of people who are looking at different prices for Starbucks coffee. The specifics are not as important here as an idea that I REALLY want you to understand: Price is one of the most powerful tools in a live entertainment marketer’s toolkit, and it can’t be a hostage of your ego or your “gut.” The reason …

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