They’re a Great, Underserved Audience

Reading Olivia Perreault’s article on TicketNews about the Oakland Athletics offering kids under 12 free tickets in September brought to mind Jim’s post about trying to “get ‘em young.” Jim wrote: “Should a live entertainment/arts organization bother trying to “get ‘em young?” Yes, but for two reasons, and a third pseudo-reason. First, you should try to get young attendees because they’re a great, underserved audience. Take it from a guy who sells a lot of tickets to a lot of …

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#MondayMotivation: It Should Start With — Dare I Say the Word — Fun

Looking for a little #MondayMotivation? We’re pulling out past stories that are still just as relevant today. Here’s a pearl from Jim: To “Educate,” Entertain First. I was reading an article on the New York Philharmonic’s Very Young People’s Concerts. The series arose, apparently, when the younger brothers and sisters of the kids who showed up for the famous Young People’s Concerts got a little rowdy. Rather than giving those kids their first experience getting tossed out of a venue, the …

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Kids Show Adds Celebrities — Will it Make Adults Want to Watch too?

When Sprout (NBC’s answer to Disney Junior and Nick Jr.) moved their morning show Sunny Side Up Show to New York from Philadelphia, there was a nice bonus for the show: access to celebrities dropping by the 30 Rock studio. Brian Steinberg wrote about the show’s new guest stars over at Variety and pointed out that the show is “all about the co-viewing.” The concept of creating a show for kids and parents to watch isn’t a new one, but it’s definitely …

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Bright Ideas

Let the Kids Think for Themselves

We’ve been talking a lot about theater for children on the blog and how important it is not to play down to them or think you can skimp on quality. Sue Buckmaster over at The Guardian is adding to the conversation, advocating children’s theater that let’s kids decide how they think and feel about various topics, everything from death to the banking crisis. She believes we shouldn’t shelter younger audience members or paint a rosy picture when that’s not the …

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Globetrotters Sold for Big Money, Showing Value of Family Entertainment

Trust me when I tell you that good family entertainment is almost a sure bet. It’s scarce, and parents are dying for you to provide it to them. It’s hard to keep young children entertained if you’re unwilling to sit them in front of a TV or hand them an iPad. But when someone designs good (or if I’m honest, even just decent) live entertainment for families and does a reasonable job marketing it, it sells. That’s why it doesn’t …

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