When Doing Good Gets People’s Attention

There are many ways to give back to our communities. Donating proceeds to a charity is one way; collecting canned goods or clothes is another. Billboard reports that the Metropolitan Opera is offering a pair of free tickets per performance through the end of this month to federal government employees during the current government shutdown. Not only is this a good deed that improves the quality of life for these employees, but it’s also a great way to attract people’s …

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Goldstar Gives Back This Thanksgiving — and You Can, Too!

Most people see Thanksgiving as a time to spend in the company of people they care about, reflecting on the good things in their lives and, hopefully, a time for a little relaxation. That’s understandable. That might be you. Life can be stressful and rushed, with lots of different demands. Just getting the turkey and pie together and having the house in decent shape for guests can feel like a full-time job! But what if you could be another kind …

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#TBT: How to Ruin a Good Thing

Happy #TBT. To celebrate, we’re sharing an oldie-but-goodie post from Jim: How to Ruin a Good Thing. It’s very simple. Stop thinking about how it’s going to be perceived by your customer/patron/audience member. I’m posting an extremely blurry picture [to the right], which you can blame on my less than expert photography. Allow me to explain. I was in line at a well-known Southern California supermarket when I saw this two-liter bottle of soda with a computer-printed note taped around …

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Bright Ideas

Goldstar Feeds the Needy With 10th Annual Thanksgiving Appeal

In addition to Goldstar‘s mission of getting people out to live entertainment more often, once again this year we’re trying to get more people a Thanksgiving dinner with our annual Thanksgiving Appeal 2014. Starting today, visit the event donation page to give to local food banks, homeless shelters and organizations, which help feed those in need this Thanksgiving in more than 20 U.S. cities from coast to coast. Last year, 153,791 people were fed — and this year, we hope …

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