Selling Out Editors’ Picks 2019: From Our CEO

As we wave goodbye to 2019, we wanted to take a look back at some of our favorite posts of the year. Today, we’re highlighting a few posts from our CEO, Jim McCarthy. You can click on any title below to read the full article: Remember the “Good Old Days” of the Live Entertainment Business? “You should remember them, because they’re now! That’s right, we’re living in a Golden Age of live entertainment, and 2019 looks like an excellent environment …

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#TBT: Write the CEO an Email, Get a Lawyer Letter

Happy #TBT. To celebrate, we’re sharing an oldie-but-goodie post from Jim: Write the CEO an Email, Get a Lawyer Letter. Wow. Here’s a tidbit from an incredible story: “ … Giorgio Galante found out today [that] sending AT&T’s CEO two emails in two weeks results in a phone call from AT&T’s Executive Response Team and a warning that further emails will result in a cease and desist letter.” Now, to be fair, we don’t know what was in Galante’s emails. They could …

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Social Media

Batman and Robin, Part 2

One day, a few years ago, I realized it was time to do a little table-pounding. This is an activity that, for the unfamiliar, is described in the CEO Handbook (which you mysteriously receive in the mail, in a sealed, black leather pouch shortly after you become a CEO. No return address) as: “The act of repeatedly making the same point again and again, punctuated by actual or virtual pounding on a table or other hard surface until people in …

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Takeaways From TEDxBroadway 2014

We’ve been saying it all week — TEDxBroadway 2014 was a blast. The conference received some nice press, including Patrick Pacheco’s article, “How to Save Broadway’s Sinking Attendance,” where Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy talks about Broadway’s failing attendance rate and the other factors, besides the rising price of the tickets, which might be the cause. Jonathan Mandell’s “10 Lessons for Theater, from TEDxBroadway 2014” offers up some wisdom and takeaways from the event itself and a diverse sampling of its …

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Bright Ideas

Concert Window Founder Dan Gurney at TedxBroadway 2014

If you haven’t yet heard of Concert Window, here’s the scoop: You can webcast your performance from a venue or your living room all around the world. Musicians can make extra money and gain fans worldwide, and viewers can chat with others while enjoying the best seat in the house. And you can stream or watch on your smartphone, tablet or Apple TV. There are over 100 exclusive concerts a month — 210 shows in the next 30 days, to …

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Jim on Bloomberg Talking Live Events and Mobile

Earlier today, I spent some time chatting with Carol Massar from Bloomberg TV about the future of mobile and live entertainment.

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