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Promo of the Week: Burger King’s Call for Peace

In honor of the upcoming Peace Day on September 21, Burger King has extended the ultimate olive branch to competitor McDonald's: an offer to create a co-branded pop-up shop serving the McWhopper, a combination of the two chains' signature burgers. Burger King presented the idea in a full-page "open letter" in The New York Times and went into more detail on Check out their video proposal below: While McDonald's doesn't seem totally on board with the idea -- their Facebook...

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Bright Ideas

2 Things You Can Learn From Burger King’s Success (Seriously)

The fast food industry isn't doing too hot -- McDonald's and others are seeing sales drop, but competitor Burger King is thriving, according to Ashley Lutz's article on Business Insider. What do burgers and fries have to do with live entertainment? A lot, actually. Here's a breakdown of how Burger King is making it work and how you can do the same: 1. They think like a start-up. Burger King's CEO is keeping things lean and not overspending. Jim has also...

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