TV Actors See Stage as Great Next Step

A lot of people will want to see Bryan "Heisenberg" Cranston as LBJ on Broadway. Having said that, a lot of people would be interested in seeing Bryan Cranston as Barney the Purple Dinosaur on Broadway, if such a thing were in production. It's not much of a statement to say that star power makes a big difference to sales, but I do think it's correct and very interesting to say that Bryan Cranston clearly sees great stage work...

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Revenue Up, Attendance Down on Broadway

Broadway producer (and Selling Out friend) Ken Davenport analyzes the first 13 weeks of the Broadway 2013-14 season … and he’s not happy. Though revenue is up .3% (Don’t spend that all in one place!), attendance is down 8.7%, which is on a base of attendance, which dropped 6.2%. Ken says, “I’m not sounding the alarm bells just yet, but I definitely have my finger on my ‘I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up’ button.” OK, Ken’s alarm system sounds...

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