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Crowdfunding for Shows Is Here to Stay. Just Ask Mr. Toad.

Julian Fellowes, the writer of Downton Abbey among others, has successfully crowdfunded 1 million pounds to add to 6 or 7 million more pounds from traditional investors to develop a new musical based on The Wind in the Willows. Live entertainment productions are the ideal target for crowdfunding because the fixed costs of a show represent so much of its budget, and because crowdfunders can so easily be rewarded for their investments with tickets. It’s an ideal situation, really. Of …

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Aspen Live: Great Minds Spark Ideas in Great Outdoors

This week, I’m sadly missing the Goldstar holiday party, but there’s a pretty good reason. I’m heading off to Aspen for a live music industry conference called Aspen Live. Created and run by Jim Lewi, this show has been going on for a couple of decades. I first went a few years ago, and what a first year at Aspen it was! Most of the conference happened in the lobby of the St. Regis, where the comfy furniture, easy access …

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Sometimes a Little “Show” Makes a Concert Pop

Country superstar Trace Adkins has reached a stage in his career where he can do what he wants. As he puts it in this article, “I’m not too concerned about what the industry will let me do anymore. I’m not in that political competitive game right now, so I can pretty much do whatever I want to do.” Thus liberated from such limits, Adkins just released a Christmas album heavy with traditional songs, given a Celtic flavor. But that’s not …

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