Ticket Buyers Don’t Care What You Spend on Your Show

A couple weeks ago, the BBC website reported on the comments made by the head of a UK movie studio that suggested movie tickets should be priced based on the costs incurred in making the movie. So, for example, the article said, “An independent British film should cost 4 pounds, and a Hollywood blockbuster 10 [pounds].” This led to a discussion in the live entertainment and arts world whether the same thing might be true for live entertainment tickets, and …

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Is This an Age of Blockbusters in Live Entertainment?

This piece makes a very compelling case for the death of the “Long Tail” and the fact that we are in the age of the blockbuster. Not only do I believe it, but I’ve been saying for years that the Long Tail is mostly myth. If you’re producing live entertainment, you understand this. When The Book of Mormon comes into your market, it’s going to get disproportionate attention. When the Red Sox are in the playoffs, that will dominate people’s …

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