No Tug of War Between Live and Broadcast

I’ve noticed a number of writers and observers falling prey to the understandable but wrong fallacy of seeing live and broadcast versions of the same event as competitive to each other. Most recently, Miami Attorney and sports blogger Darren Heitner pitches the relationship between live and broadcast sports as “the biggest rivalry of 2014.” He sees a tug of war between the watching of sports on TV and attending it in person. On the surface, it makes sense, in that …

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Chill on Playoff Blackouts

Bees found their way into the bonnets of a whole bunch of sportswriters over the last couple of days as the prospect of local blackouts on the broadcasts of three of the four NFL playoff games this weekend was narrowly avoided. First, let’s review the Blackout Rule (which I discussed recently here). It says that if the tickets to an NFL game are not sold out by 72 hours from kickoff, the broadcast will be blacked out in the local …

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