#TBT: Selling Out With Russ Stanley

Happy #TBT. To celebrate, we’re sharing an oldie-but-goodie post from Jim. Earlier this week, Jim talked about Scott Kane and the folks at Shorenstein Hayes Nederlander in San Francisco, who, taking a cue from baseball and other sports marketers, developed the first Broadway bobblehead. Jim wrote: “That’s why I strongly advocate for crossing lines more frequently between genres of live entertainment marketing. If you’re in sports marketing or theater marketing or music marketing, you’re all in very similar roles with a …

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If You’re Still Not Willing to Get Serious About Getting Outside the Four Walls of Your Venue

The old-fashioned mindset of “protecting” the live experience by making it as unavailable to anybody not present in the building at the time of the event doesn’t work. What it does is prevent people from being able to participate, which prevents them from caring, which prevents them from being a fan or supporter. This isn’t a theory. The sports guys know this. Imagine a world where you could only see an NBA game live. It’s been demonstrated by the National …

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Idle Children Are a Bad Omen

If you care about the health of future generations of Americans, you probably share my concern when reading this Wall Street Journal article about a decrease in participation among kids in organized sports over the last several years. The drops are relatively small (a few percent) and participation is still very high (millions of kids), but as a trend starter, this isn’t at all encouraging. We’ve known for a while that baseball is trending down — it’s seen as less …

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Variable Pricing Is a No-Brainer

With the Super Bowl yesterday, we’re reminded of how the NFL is a juggernaut, culturally and commercially. Half the country watched the game, including tens of millions of people who don’t even like football! This kind of power has a few funny effects, of course, and I think one of them has been a certain amount of arrogance about ticket sales. The NFL has, for a number of years, been such a ticket sales sure thing that even slight weaknesses …

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What Major League Baseball Can Teach Us

Lots of literally “inside baseball” information here, but I’d call your attention to the “Most Disappointing City” items about halfway down. Chicago Cubs sell-outs have been for a long time as reliable as McDonald’s restrooms when traveling abroad. But they’re down this year, to the point where you can just, gasp, BUY a ticket to a game from the box office, and a downright mortal 9th in terms of sell-through percentage. Is it team performance, which has been poor? Remember, …

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