Is Less More in Opera?

I found this article intriguing (and, Lynn Binstock, I would love to give you a forum to talk about this more here on Selling Out), but I’m not sold on the basic premise.Of course, a show (like a company) can have so many resources that it wastes them, or even allow a surplus of resources to blind them, but it doesn’t follow that removing resources makes something more appealing. In the article, Lynn says that her stripped-down and open-hearted...

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Bright Ideas

Hubbard Street Dance Takes It to the Streets to Grow

I love this article. This is a dance company whose sense of mission makes them realize that they must reach more people, which means they must, ultimately, be audience-oriented.Jason Palmquist, the organization's Executive Director, reflects on a tagline from the late '90s for the organization (before his time there). The tagline said: "3 weeks only. You'll need the other 49 to catch your breath." Jason rejects that thinking, saying, "You'll have the other 49 weeks to forget about us...

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Grow Your Attendance With an Audience Orientation

It feels like you could just cut and paste this story from year to year, doesn’t it? But, if you’re in our business, even if you’re not in the arts, this should concern you. If you’re here, it’s because you want to sell out your venue, and if you don’t really care about that because your nonprofit feels that worrying about selling tickets is too crass for words, then how about this notion?If you were selling out, these numbers...

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“Natasha” Drops Meals After Surveying Audiences

I saw this show when it included dinner and was in the Meatpacking District.  Now that it’s moving to Midtown and dropping dinner, it’s less of an immersive experience, but I still think you should go if you can. Here’s the part I thought was most interesting about the article:“Our audience surveys and phone surveys showed that people didn’t really value the meals, and at each ticket price level, people said they would’ve still bought tickets without the meals,”...

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