Design Tips for Everyone

Even if you don’t have a background in design, Search Engine Journal writer Kristi Kellogg outlines seven graphic design tips for non-designers. “Graphic design is a useful skill for any digital marketer to have in their back pocket,” explains Kellogg. We list two of Kellogg’s tips below, then read the rest here: “Embrace White Space: When creating a design, the graphics and text tend to get all the attention. The areas without graphics and text are just as important, and …

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Ready to Deep Dive Into “The Attention Pool”?

You’re invited to join Goldstar CEO, Jim McCarthy, live Monday, September 17 at 3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT as he takes a deep dive into “The Attention Pool” and what that means to you as an event marketer. You’ll get some great insights into building awareness for your upcoming events. Plus, if you have specific questions about marketing, pricing or making the most of your Goldstar partnership, submit them now to, and he’ll try to answer as many as he can. …

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Social Media

10 Tips for Creating Attention-Grabbing Posts

We would all love all of our posts to pop. And while we may already have some tricks to grab readers’ attention, Entrepreneur has a few clever tips to help you mix up the content of your posts a bit: Invite fill-in-the-blank responses. This is a great way to boost engagement and subtly harness feedback from your audience. You could leverage that information for future content campaigns or use the insight you gain to improve processes and delight customers. “The worst …

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The Top Factors That Determine If Your Venue Will Succeed or Fail

Celebrity chef Robert Irvine knows a thing or two about successful — and unsuccessful — restaurants. He’s “spent the past five years attempting to save 140 failing restaurants across America for the Food Network show Restaurant: Impossible,” reports Business Insider. In this post, he shares his top factors that result in a restaurant thriving or flopping. You can read them all here, and check out a few below that we think could apply to venues as well: “Customer service Terrible food …

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#TBT: Now That I’ve Got Your Attention …

Happy #TBT. To celebrate, we’re sharing an oldie-but-goodie post from Jim: Now That I’ve Got Your Attention … . Earlier today, I updated my Facebook status. It said, “Jim is updating his Facebook status.” And by definition, if you’re reading this, I have your attention, at least for the moment. If I want to keep having your attention, I’d better say something interesting and useful — and quick. Which, by the way, is a pretty good explanation of the way …

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Word Stock Update: Immersive Gets Mainstream Media Attention

A couple weeks ago, I suggested you hold your stock in the word “Immersive.” If you did, you’re looking at big imaginary profits today as it continues to get discussed in larger and larger outlets. Time’s Richard Zoglin asks “Has Theater Lost Its Mind?” as the trend toward these immersive shows grows in New York and around the country. Of course, he’s being tongue-in-cheek, and he gets it right when it comes to answering why these productions are working. He …

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Bright Ideas

Make People Want to Talk About What You’re Doing

I agree with Lyn Gardner that Theatre Criticism is not in crisis. A headlong, destination-uncertain transition perhaps, but not crisis. How does this relate to selling out a venue? It’s great to have people commenting on what you do in as large a forum as possible. One major structural advantage for sports event marketers, for example, is that there are entire TV networks (ESPN being the leading one) who must talk about their product 24 hours a day on multiple …

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