How Does Change Come? Gradually, Then Suddenly

Back in April, I made some predictions about changes coming to college sports. (Even if you don’t care about college sports, I think there’s something in this for you, so don’t click “back” just yet.) It’s about how change happens, the way it feels impossible, and then very rapidly becomes inevitable. The gist of this issue is that the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) has overreached, using its supposed moral authority to maintain a standard of amateurism in college sports …

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Saying Sooth

Saying Sooth: College Athletics

This is an installment in a very occasional series called Saying Sooth, wherein we make a prediction about future events based on something that is happening, probably happening or appears to be happening. Please bear in mind that predicting the future is extremely easy, as long as you don’t care whether you turn out to be right or not. In 10 years, college athletics will be very different and mostly much better. It will certainly be more honest. Here’s what …

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Be the Jackie Chan of Live Entertainment

For those of you who don’t know Jackie Chan, he’s a very famous action hero and martial artist, best known in America for the Rush Hour movie series, but even more famous in Asia. Here’s a truly archetypal Jackie Chan moment. If you’re pressed for time, skip the first minute or so, and go straight to the fighting. As you watch it, take note: There’s no CGI here. Chan does all his own stunts. Of course, the acting could be …

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