“Magic Has New Meaning to Me After TEDxBroadway”

On February 24, a few Goldstar employees attended TEDxBroadway 2014. So we asked them to tell us what especially struck a chord with them at the conference. Here’s one response from Wendi Lebow, Vice President of Venue Relations: I was never a fan of magic. I just hate to be tricked. But after TEDxBroadway 2014, my definition of magic has changed. No, Jim did not book a bunch of magicians to entertain the Broadway elite. As it turns out, magic, …

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Breaking the Frame: Nothing is Too Bold to Be Unacceptable Now

For some reason, this phrase keeps popping into my head lately: Breaking the frame. What I mean by this is that something — possibly a building or a show or an approach to marketing — escapes the container in which it’s normally held. For example, when Hotmail first launched (in 1995, I think it was), it was a frame-breaker. It was email, but on the web. It doesn’t sound all that impressive, but at the time, it was. It spread …

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