Think Beyond Facebook and Google

In this HubSpot post, Pamela Bump lists five alternatives to Facebook, Google and Amazon ads. Bump highlights a few of the most popular ad alternatives and also points to examples of brands that use them, like this one below: “Twitter Ads Twitter AdsĀ are similar to Facebook Ads in that you can pay to promote tweets or launch native ad-styled campaigns. While promoted tweets show up higher in the feeds of target users with a “Promoted” sign on them, campaigns might …

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You’d Pay More Than A Quarter to Watch This Video Game

People watching other people play video games on TV … yes, that’s happening, and it’s called Twitch, an online network with, according to Yahoo, “55 million monthly users [who] viewed over 15 billion minutes of content on the service in July, making one of the world’s biggest sources of Internet traffic.” Amazon just bought Twitch for $970 million. The Yahoo article points out that Twitch fans are “an important demographic for advertisers” — mostly male and between the ages …

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Does Predictive Data Ruin the Fun of Online Shopping? Maybe, Maybe Not.

Online retailers like Amazon (or Goldstar for that matter) use predictive math to try to guess what you might like to buy next. This is nice enough, especially when it works, but there’s also a sense that good old-fashioned serendipity could be lost in more and more of our shopping experiences and, therefore, in our lives. That’s the point of this article. Some people believe that this isn’t true, saying that every technology that’s come along was charged with driving …

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