To Be or Not To Be … Interactive

Pete Miller poses an interesting question on 2AMt blog: Do we need more theatre in which audiences take an active role?

He starts the discussion by dividing theater into two categories.

He explains that the first category is “Sit-down-and-shut-up” theatre, “meaning theatrical productions in which the audience is fundamentally expected to watch attentively but take no action that might disrupt the flow of performances or distract other audience members.”

The second is “Don’t-just-sit-there-do-something” theatre, “meaning theatrical productions in which the audience is more actively involved in the performance whether verbally or kinetically or in several modalities.”

He then states that most theatre productions are in the SDASU bucket, and that there could be value in tilting the balance a little more in favor of DJSTDS productions.

Miller writes, “Most theatre companies are at least a little obsessed with drawing in a younger audience … The most frequent research and practical finding is that millennials are hungry for experiences, and … attending a SDASU play rarely qualifies as an experience. On the other hand, participating in a DJSTDS show often does, and such shows often draw a younger average audience.”

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