Tips to Use Promoted Pins on Pinterest

Is your organization using Pinterest? It can be a great way to show off your events and catch the eye of potential fans. And if you want to up your game, you can try Promoted Pins, which are essentially ads that get placed within people’s Pinterest feeds and search results.

For help getting started, Social Media Examiner outlined several tips. You can read the full article here and scroll down to get started:

“Why Promoted Pins?

Pinterest’s promoted pins, which are now available to all businesses, are designed to increase visibility to a targeted audience. They help you get your products or location in front of people who are far along in the buying process and ready to make a purchase.

Promoted pins are searchable, so you can add keywords to connect with users who are searching for content like yours.
promoted pin showing in search
Promoted pins will show up in relevant searches, which can help you connect with users who are further along in the buying cycle.

With promoted pins, you’re paying to have your pins placed where users are most likely to notice and interact with them. The promoted pins that users see are based on their interests and activity on the site. Users can’t turn off promoted pins, but they can hide specific promoted pins that they don’t like.

Here’s how to get started with promoted pins for your business.

#1: Understand Campaign Objectives

Just like with other types of social media ads, you can run promoted pin campaigns based on specific goals and objectives. There are three objectives you can choose from:

    • EngagementGet engagement on your pins, such as repins, clicks, and close-up views of your pins. You pay per action taken.
    • TrafficSend traffic to your website when users click through your pins. In this case, you pay per click to your site.

example promoted pin

This pin was promoted to drive traffic.

  • Awareness: Use promoted pins to introduce and expose your brand to a relevant audience. Awareness pins are currently available only to Fortune 500 companies who have a minimum monthly ad spend, but that may change in the future.

Promoted pins, like other social media ads, work on a bid system, so keep this in mind when setting your budget.”

See how to set up Promoted Pins with your account.

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