Timing Is Everything & More Lessons for Launching New Shows

This Inc. article takes a look at several 5 billion-dollar sales pitches — and why they went so well. Turns out, they all have some things in common. Reporter Diane Currie Sam lists five lessons we can learn from their launch, and we’re sharing three below:

Memorable one-liners

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPod back in 2001, and he told us the product would let us have ‘a thousand songs in your pocket,’ he delivered the memorable one-liner that helped people figure out (and remember) what the product could do for them.

Time it right

I doubt it was a coincidence that the Pokemon Go product launch happened in the early summer when the kids were out of school, and outdoor activities were at their peak.

Ask yourself — what time of year would work best for this product? How can I tie it into an external event or time of year? Launch a product for moms on Mother’s Day. Open a new flower shop on Valentine’s Day.

Show how your product solves a problem

When Elon Musk unveiled the Powerwall solar battery in 2015, he didn’t emphasize the technological breakthrough the battery represented, or overwhelm us with the details of how the battery works. He presented it as a solution to a problem.

The battery went on to sell out within a few months, and despite a few recent hiccups, looks like it will be a trend-setter in the alternative energy field. Even if your product is cool, it still has to solve a problem, so make sure your product launch pitch explains that.”

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