Think Outside the Industry: Tesco’s “Basket Dating” Campaign

Sure, you could meet your future wife or husband at the supermarket, but it’s not your first thought when you think about food shopping. Supermarket chain Tesco “invited 32 single shoppers to take part in a social experiment at its Extra store in Hemel Hempstead in the UK,” reports PSFK.

Here’s more about the experiment: “The participants were each asked to fill their shopping basket with items they’d buy for a typical Friday night in. Food Behaviour Psychologist Rachel Morris then analyzed all the baskets and attempted to pair people up based on the contents. …

After being paired together, the sixteen couples had a brief meeting in Tesco’s produce aisle, where they got to know a little about each other. Five couples who seemed to be getting on well were treated to a romantic meal.”

Check out a short video here of some of the couples on their blind dates.

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