Think Outside the Industry: Taco Bell Keeps Mystery Alive With New Menu Item

Fast food isn’t always the easiest thing to get people excited about. McDonald’s did a pretty good job when it began offering breakfast all day, and now Taco Bell is aiming to create buzz with its new mystery product.

Business Insider reported on the marketing effort, which involves people pre-ordering a “mystery item” that they can pick up two days before the Super Bowl this weekend. The item will be revealed to everyone else with a commercial airing during the game. They also sent out a press release with information redacted and preview videos in which the spokespeople don’t even know what they’re promoting:

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 5.55.56 PMThe idea of creating mystery is certainly a great one. People are speculating on social media about the item and pre-ordering it to get in on the fun. Is there a way your organization could incorporate a little mystery into its marketing efforts?

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