Think Outside the Industry: Bell’s New Website

“Ease is the new loyalty,” says Taco Bell’s Vice President of Digital Tressie Lieberman in a recent Entrepreneur post.

Which echoes the message in this post by Jim:

“If you have an existing audience and you build a mobile product that works well, they will follow you.

If you have an existing audience and you don’t build a mobile product that works well, they might go somewhere else.”

Lieberman was commenting above on Taco Bell’s new website and “virtual flagship restaurant,” Its new features include fully customizable online ordering and a channel with content created by the brand and its collaborators.

In the article, Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol adds, “Customers want ease of access and they want that ease of access on their terms. People love to be in control of both their order and how they customize their food experience.”

Lieberman says Taco Bell is also “taking lessons learned from the mobile app and applying them not only to the website, but increasing opportunities for customization and seamless service at in-store locations with options like ordering kiosks and virtual kitchens.”

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