Think Outside the Industry: Sprite, Snapchat & Gen Z

If you’re trying to capture the attention of Gen Z, according to PSFK, your best bet is via Snapchat, which currently has the most youthful base of the social networks with 45 percent of its users between the ages of 18 and 24.

Jennifer Passas reports that “Sprite has effectively turned their cans into a connection tool through Snapchat’s real-time social network.”

The RFRSH Na Lata campaign is a first-of-its-kind campaign that features Snapcodes on limited edition cans of Sprite that link its recipients to 15 Brazilian Gen Z influencers. Since its launch the featured influencers’ snaps have had over 1 million views, resulting in an 87 percent reach increase. The campaign has turned every can of Sprite into a digital touchpoint for customers to discover fresh content and make new connections. 

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