Think Outside the Industry: Rent the Runway’s Inventive Customer Service

Dresses from Rent the Runway.

Dresses from Rent the Runway.

Rent the Runway (a fashion company that allows customers to rent high-end formal wear for special occasions) has a tricky challenge when it comes to making customers happy.

As writer Hilary Milnes reports on the company:  “When our customer is coming to us, she’s coming to us for a special occasion — there are higher stakes,” said [Rent the Runway’s svp of merchandising and planning Sarah] Tam. “We want to make sure that we deliver, so we’re always figuring out new ways to cover the bases when it comes to fit and confidence.”

The latest way they’re delivering on that involves the social media platform Snapchat. When a customer has a question about a dress, the team finds a staff member that closely matches the customer’s size and body type and has her model the look on camera and answer questions.

Is it a bit of an effort? Sure. But Tam says it’s paying off: “[W]e’re seeing happy engagement already. It’s important to touch on every access point we can, and a major point right now is Snapchat.”

To learn more about their efforts, check out the full article on here.

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