Think Outside the Industry: Organic Valley Shows the Value in Honesty

Picture it: A woman wakes up in a pristine, all-white bedroom and performs a few yoga moves before calmly heading off to work (perfectly dressed, of course). It’s a vision many advertisers go with, but an aspirational one to be sure.

Organic Valley, on the other hand, has taken a decidedly different route with their new advertising campaign. As Jessica Gioglio reports for Convince & Convert, Organic Valley has gone with the tagline “seize the cray” for their new protein shake, and paired that with ads that highlight the chaotic mornings most women face. See one below:

What can your organization learn from this campaign? Gioglio offers a few insights:

“Instead of selling us the vision, Organic Valley is selling us the reality — and it works. …

By tapping into consumer insights, it’s not just an Organic Valley marketing campaign; it’s the voice of busy working women.

A great way to take this a step further is to also incorporate social media. Social media presents an incredible treasure trove of customer insights about your company, industry, and even your competitors. … At the end of the day, it’s all about adding value, both with your marketing and your products.”

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