Think Outside the Industry: ‘Obsauced’ With McDonald’s Groovy Posters

Dipping sauces for chicken tenders: They’re a pretty ordinary item, right? Well, McDonald’s has spiced up its ad campaign for the sauces for its new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders.

According to Adweek, the campaign “uses a set of elaborate posters and accompanying descriptions to promote the nine dipping options that come with the limited-edition menu item. Which type you choose says a lot about who you are.”

The article explains that Sriracha Mac is a fiery lion who lives by the motto, “Only passion outlives the heat,” and Honey is a cuddly teddy bear that thinks, “Life is sweet when you’re sweet.”

McDonald’s has taken something quite “normal” and given it extra special meaning. Now, consumers can associate the kind of person they are with which dipping sauce they like — which is playful and fun.

As Adweek writes, “The voice of the campaign … is perfectly devious, serving up a worldview that’s like a shameless set of fast-food zodiac signs, helping people make sense of their messy selves in an overwhelmingly complex universe through an oversimplified system of flavors and philosophies … ”

It’s food for thought when thinking about your next arts marketing campaign.

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