Think Outside the Industry: McDonald’s Hamburger University

Yesterday we posted a #TBT article by Jim about organizations that invest resources in making their product better, and then reinvest the results in making it even better. Jim wrote:

“The winner is the one who’s best at making the product better. It’s survival of the smartest, and you get smarter by investing in getting smarter. … Remember, if you’re competing for the mindshare of a ticket buyer, you’re indirectly competing with NASCAR and Cirque du Soleil. And remember also that they’re improving their product every day.”

This Business Insider article by Natalie Walters highlights how McDonald’s is investing not only in their brand’s business but also to help continue to improve the service industry across the board.

Walters reports: “Hamburger University focuses more on leadership development, business growth, and operations procedures, with a special emphasis on service, quality, and cleanliness to help prepare students for managerial positions in the restaurant industry.”

No wonder McDonald’s is the most profitable fast-food chain in the world. Read more details about Hamburger University here, including how it “has more than 275,000 graduates and will celebrate its 55th anniversary next year” … and “has seven campuses worldwide in Oak Brook, Illinois; Tokyo, London, Sydney, Munich, São Paulo, and Shanghai, with an eighth campus scheduled to open in Moscow later this year.”

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