Think Outside the Industry: Mattel Promotes Girl Power With Barbie

When you think of Barbie, you might picture a glamorous doll driving her pink convertible to her Malibu beach house. And while that’s certainly one image of the iconic toy, Mattel wants to expand the perception of Barbie with its new campaign “Imagine the Possibilities.” reported on the new campaign, which uses similar messaging as P&G’s “Like a Girl” Super Bowl ad and Dove’s “Change One Thing” body confidence campaign. They said the idea is to appeal to millennial moms and their daughters:

“This generation of moms has been bombarded with images with Barbie, but don’t know why Barbie was created in the first place,” [said] BBDO San Francisco executive creative director Matt Miller, who worked on the campaign. “We had this creative ‘aha’ moment when we found a quote by Ruth Handler, Barbie’s creator, saying that she created Barbie to show girls that they had choices.”

You can watch a video of the adorable ad below.

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