Think Outside the Industry: How LaCroix Grabbed Millennials’ Attention

How can something as simple as sparkling water become the “it” drink for millennials and a status symbol for “cool” offices? writer Betsey Mikel looked at LaCroix to see what their secret was. You can read her full article here and check out highlights below:

“Eschew traditional advertising.

Unlike beverage giants Coke and Pepsi, LaCroix doesn’t spend big on TV spots or advertising campaigns. Instead, the brand has put itself smack dab in the middle of where its target audience is. Some 28 percent of adults use Instagram, and 55% of 18-29 year olds are active on the platform, the PEW Research Center found.

LaCroix didn’t just create presence on Instagram and social-media platforms. The company is extremely active and has created a sense of community there. ‘Through multiple social-media platforms, we strived for 100 percent consumer involvement by acknowledging all comments about LaCroix and responding to our fans on a daily basis,’ writes former digital LaCroix strategist Alma Pantaloukas on LinkedIn.

Target micro-influencers.

While some brands pay thousands of dollars for Instagram users with large followings to feature their products, LaCroix has adopted a reverse approach to finding and rewarding influencers.

LaCroix first looks for users who have already tagged their brand. They aim to engage with all of them. And if you’re lucky, you might get a voucher for a free case of LaCroix in the mail. You don’t need to have a million followers to be so lucky. ‘They’re actively sharing content on their feed from Instagram users with as low as 150 followers,’ social media director at PM Digital Toni Box told Digiday. ‘It gives them a more authentic and community-based feel.'”

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