Think Outside the Industry: College Instagram Accounts That Rock

Yesterday we posted an infographic breaking down the effectiveness of using Instagram images in your emails. Today we’re highlighting a few examples of Instagram accounts that do an excellent job of getting your attention, from Lindsay Kolowich’s list of the 17 best college Instagram accounts. Her HubSpot article also shares why these accounts are so good.

Read more about all 17 here, and check out our favorites below:

Boston University: Boston University does a great job of adding humor to their plethora of high-end photos of campus and student life. We love photos like the “Hire Me” graduation photo below, which is worthy of a regram regardless of whether or not you know the graduates in the photo. We also love that they promote the best content from #AwkwardBU Twitter campaign on Instagram alongside relevant photos. 

BUtwitter Georgetown University: While Georgetown’s Instagram account includes plenty of high-definition photos, we love that a lot of their photos have the look and feel of well-framed photos taken from an iPhone. This could be because they, like many other colleges on this list, post a lot of photos submitted to them by members of their community. We also love that they post in real time and in a chronological manner, making their feed read kind of like a photo journal of a specific time. The #HomeSweetHilltop collage below, posted over Homecoming Weekend, is a great example of a timely photo. Another example is a photo of the Pope in Georgetown during his visit.

Georgetowntwitter Penn State UniversityAlongside beautiful, high-end photos of campus and student life (are you seeing a theme here?), one of our favorite themes in Penn State’s Instagram photos are their “love stories.” These are photos of couples that met at Penn State, whether it’s one alum proposing to another (as in the photo at bottom right) or kissing at graduation after starting to date during freshman orientation. These photos are accompanied by each couple’s brief backstory, and always inspire a lot of well-deserved Likes and “aww”‘s. 


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