Think Outside the Industry: Are You Changing With the Times?

“It’s amazing to me how quickly things go from cutting edge to tired,” Jim begins his post Preference is Perishable. Keep Your Mindset Fresh. He continues:

” … in 2011? It’s too late to plead that things are moving too fast.

You’ve got to be able to revise your mindset much, much faster than that. If food trucks and flip cams and Digg are already out, and they feel like they were just coming in, you’ve got to develop some kind of system for reminding yourself to challenge your beliefs, even the ones you just recently formed.”

A bookstore in the heart of Paris is now printing books — in about five minutes, reports Inc. The store’s story is a good example of changing with the times. First opened in 1921, Librairie des Puf (or Les Puf) was so popular it occupied multiple levels. But then it closed about 10 years ago, and reopened in March in “its present, drastically different incarnation.”

And, according to Inc., “the traditional bookstore is experiencing a resurgence: In the first 10 months of 2015, the Association of American Publishers reported that e-book sales in the U.S. fell 12.3 percent. At the same time, paperback book sales grew 12.4 percent. And according to the Census Bureau, bookstore sales rose 2.5 percent last year — the first time those sales have grown since 2007.

Les Puf takes advantage of these recent trends, while eliminating the need for a large physical space. … Instead of wasting space housing books from wholesalers that will mostly go unpurchased, Les Puf prints books on request using an Espresso Book Machine.”

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