Think Like a Comedian to Boost Your Social Media Marketing

While it may not seem like it at first glance, social media and comedy have a lot in common. As Joshua Nite writes on “They’re both fast-paced, harder than they look, and unpredictable. And at the heart of it, both are about telling a compelling story and making a human connection.”

Nite shared 5 lessons social media marketers can learn from comedy on the blog. You can read the full article here, and check out our favorite tip below:

“Rule of Three

‘I only need three things before I take up running: good shoes, a workout playlist, and a full frontal lobotomy.’

The rule of three is a classic structure for a joke. The first item in your list establishes a theme, the second leads the audience further into your theme, then the third has a subversion that provokes a response. ‘I only need one thing before I take up running: a full frontal lobotomy!’ is a little bit funny, but the joke plays better once you have the audience engaged.

At TopRank Marketing, we have a rule of three for messaging. The first message attracts attention, the second fosters engagement, and the third inspires a conversion. If we went all in on the first message, far fewer people would be willing to make the journey with us. But once you attract and engage, you have earned the right to ask your reader to take action.”

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