Think Beyond Facebook and Google

In this HubSpot post, Pamela Bump lists five alternatives to Facebook, Google and Amazon ads. Bump highlights a few of the most popular ad alternatives and also points to examples of brands that use them, like this one below:

“Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads are similar to Facebook Ads in that you can pay to promote tweets or launch native ad-styled campaigns.

While promoted tweets show up higher in the feeds of target users with a “Promoted” sign on them, campaigns might show up on Twitter feeds or sidebars with images or video content linking to a website.

Like Facebook, you can also choose objectives — or goals — for Twitter Ads. These include tweet engagements, video views, app installs, web sessions, and other common objectives that you might have on other online ads.

Aside from providing similar options to Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads are getting more affordable and more effective each year. Twitter says that engagement with paid ads has increased by 50% year over year. However, the cost per engagement decreased by 14% in 2018.”

We’d like to add a sixth alternative: BOOST.

With Boost, you can:

  • Reach a targeted audience of people most likely to buy tickets.
  • Target the exact cities, dates and audiences you need.

Our Boost team can help you put together a marketing plan to take advantage of the promo, or you can set up a campaign right now in the Audience Marketing Platform.

Read more about Boost here:

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