Think (A Bit) Outside the Industry: Disney’s New Hotel Raises the Bar on Immersive Entertainment

So, technically Disney would fall into the live entertainment realm (and so this isn’t quite a “Think Outside the Industry”), but its new hotel is still worth talking about, given the way it’s merging hospitality with immersive entertainment.

Disney is no stranger to themed resorts and already pays meticulous attention to detail to create immersive experiences, but its new Star Wars hotel is on a whole other level.

As PSFK reports, “Each guest will be given their very own storyline to follow. The staff will even be in character to participate in storylines, adding an additional level of interactivity, making the resort a part of the experience. This way, guests have an all encompassing experience that fits in the magic of Disney.”

This new concept hits on something Susan Reilly Salgado, Ph.D., discussed in her TEDxBroadway talk. Her lesson: “It’s not just about the show, it’s about the experience of the customers.” (You can watch the full video here.)

It seems likely that Disney’s new hotel will create an experience people won’t soon forget. And while we’ll have to wait awhile to try it out (bummer), we can’t help wondering how other live entertainment producers could be inspired by this idea. As Salgado says in her talk, “Everyone has the ability to impact their environment.”

Are there things your team could do to create a more immersive experience? Get people into the show before the curtain rises?

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